Looking for a Life Coach?

Are you a woman who "has it all" and yet you still feel unfulfilled? Are you a guy with a great career and no life?

If so, I can help you! I specialize in helping you sort out that troubled-spot in an otherwise spotless life. If you're generally happy and feel successful in most areas of your life, but you have one or two areas that are troubling you, we should talk—soon!

Welcome. My name is Amber McKee and I'd like to help you achieve what you desire in your life. To get started, I'd like to meet with you to see if we're a good fit for one another at no cost to you initially.

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Amber's Credentials

It's important to understand the value a particular life coach brings to your relationship with them. Here's some information about my expertise.

My Professional Expertise

  • MS in Organizational Communication from the University of Utah (2005)
  • BA in Journalism from the University of Utah (1991)

I’m an experienced instructional designer, project manager, writer, editor, meeting facilitator, presenter, and trainer with a background in information design and technology. I’ve worked for nationally known start-up dot.coms, technology giants, small businesses, non-profits, and media companies.

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Paradise Is Where You Are Right Now

“Paradise is exactly where you are right now, only much, much better.” —Laurie Anderson

Living in Paradise
Where is your focus? It sounds like a simple question, but really think about it for a moment. Where does your energy go?

Our lives are a reflection of our intentions — whether we are consciously aware of them or not. We may think that we’re focused on our health or our families, all the while working 80 hours per week at our job.

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